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Transfer of Equity

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Transfer of Equity Additional Information

This quotation is an estimation based on the information supplied by you, as well as the conveyancing matter proceeding without any unforeseen complications.

If you decide to proceed with this quotation the fees quoted above which will be fully detailed in the Client Care letter Pindoria Solicitors Limited (the online business of Easylawyers) will send to you.

Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that the information used to generate this quotation is correct and accurate, we accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions. We will rely on you wholly to provide us with full details in relation to your proposed transaction.


In addition to the fees detailed above, the following charges may in some cases also be payable:

Please note the fee quoted is for a transfer of equity only. If the lender deems the matter to be a remortgage of their existing security involving the discharge of existing mortgage and replaced by a new mortgage then a separate fee shall be incurred Our legal fee for the remortgage work is fixed at £295 plus VAT plus disbursements.
If you have shared ownership we will charge a fee to deal with any specific aspects relating to shared ownership £95.00 plus VAT
If there are any restrictions on the property (excluding Tenants in Common), an additional fee shall be charged for dealing with restrictions on title, or other certificates of compliance £150 + VAT
If you (the client) and/or your lender requires a Bank/Telegraphic Transfer Fee this cost is payable. If payment can be made by cheque, this will be done free of charge £30 + VAT will be payable per transfer
If the parties to the transaction are married/have been married or are parties to a civil partnership you lender may require a deed of gift indemnity policy if the transfer involves a gift from one party to another An additional charge of £150 plus VAT will be added for this work.
To deal with non owning spouse/ civil partner or other adult occupiers £95.00 plus VAT
Sometimes Bankruptcy Searches will reveal some entries which we will need to check that they do not related to you and we will charge a fee to check these with the insolvency service. Please note that lenders will not accept self declarations in these circumstances £95.00 plus VAT
Leasehold Properties
If you are unable to provide a copy of your lease an additional charge will be payable to obtain a copy £23 will be payable to obtain a copy or £11.00 if the lease is available online
Deed of Covenant - A deed of covenant is an agreement where the new owners of a property agrees to comply with the rules and conditions affecting the property as set out in the lease. When a lease is assigned the new tenant normally signs a deed of covenant. This then binds the new tenant in the same way as the former tenant £95 plus VAT
If you are not up to date with your ground rent or service charge we will charge a fee to try and resolve this for you £195.00 plus VAT
A Notice of Transfer/Notice of Charge fee maybe payable to the Freehold owner or the management company for the property. The fee payable to freeholder or the management company will be determined only once we have contacted them To be Confirmed
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