Special Offers

We believe we offer one of the cost effective conveyancing in the United Kingdom by a professional solicitors firm.

Take the stress out when you sell your property with easylawyers.

We have introduced a special offer for our online customers who are selling their freehold property under the sum of £200,000.

You have the satisfaction that the conveyancing cost is fixed at an amazing price £800 (all inclusive) in advance.

Sell your property for a fixed legal fee inclusive of VAT and all disbursements for only:

all inclusive of

Legal Fees


All disbursements - searches, postage

Mortgage Transaction Fee

Solicitors Indemnity Fee

Why use easylawyers

There are lots of reasons to use our conveyancing service:

Solicitors Regulation Authority Regulated

Fixed Fees

No meetings necessary

Professional, experienced and friendly staff

Online access to your transaction

Total selling costs agreed in advance

No Hidden Extras

We are happy for you to show your solicitor this quote and get them to price match our offer.

We very much doubt that they will.
This offer only applies to sale of Freehold properties under £200,000

Terms and Conditions apply

Easylawyers is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (registration number: 404474). (You can check our status by telephoning the Public Enquiry line on 0870 606 2500).