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Selling Property UK

Do your needs call for the best deal when selling property in UK?, the pioneer for selling property in UK, makes sure that you do not fall short of the best deal in the market when selling UK property. With Property sales, the question arises about the type of sale to go for. Be it sell freehold property or leasehold property selling, both have their own requisites and we assist you with all the details including the disbursement requirements to make your mission of selling property in UK a success

Selling freehold and leasehold property in UK made easy at!

For those who wish to sell freehold property in UK, the land on which the property is built is included in the sale. Thus no ground rent or service charge is payable when opting to sell freehold property in UK. On the other hand, when selling leasehold property in UK, the land holding the property is not a part of the sale. Thus, it becomes customary for you to pay the ground rent to the freeholder or the owner of the property.

When selling property in UK, you can sell the right to occupy the land, home or apartment for a given period of time by means of selling leasehold property in UK. A majority of Property transactions involve selling leasehold property in UK. Whether the land is held in fee or is leased, answers the important question of the type of property deal and thus the payments associated with it. Get to know more about selling property in UK only at