Probate Fees

Fee Structure

Easylawyers provides a countrywide guaranteed 'fixed rate' probate service at a hugely competitive fee based on the gross estate value.

When comparing the fees charged by some solicitors and high street banks where charges can be range between 3% and 5% +VAT etc. of the estate value. Hence, easylawyers offers genuine savings which means more money for the beneficiaries of the estate.

We give you the best probate quote guaranteed. Please see the comparison chart below. We beat the banks and average solicitors on probate fees.

No advance Fee option

We are not probate brokers or agents and we have no hidden charges such as charging for photocopying or standard postage.

After numerous requests from our clients, we now offer clients a no advance fee option. This means for a fixed rate of 4% plus VAT and disbursements we will carry out the application for probate and the full administration of the estate including dealing with any Inheritance Tax issues and final distribution to the beneficiaries with no upfront payment from the family or the personal representatives of the deceased. We take our fees at the end of the matter once the estate has been administered and not before.

Easylawyers have recognised that client’s needs and requirements have changed. Clients do not want to wait a long time for the Grant application to be obtained; they want to have access to whoever is handling their case and they want regular updates. What clients want to know more than anything is how much it is going to cost. Hourly charge out rates are not client friendly and do not promote efficient working practices. Hence, we do not use them. Our clients instruct easylawyers and ask us to carry out probate and the administration of the deceased’s estate on the basis that we provide clear simple probate charging structure which is transparent and certain.

Questions you should asked before appointing someone to administer an estate

Do they provide you with an all inclusive no obligation fixed rate probate cost charge?

Are they regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority?

Do they employ professionally qualified staff and have Professional Indemnity cover?

Will there be one person handling my case?

Are they experts in probate?

At Easylawyers it is a YES to all the above questions. The probate fee structure is not based on hourly rates but is agreed in advance which gives confidence that they will not be hidden surprises knowing that there will be no additional probate charges to be paid.